About Us

Pegasus MarineWe are a company of young spirit, founded in 2009 to meet a specific need in 2010 and taking over their activities in the area of port agency and consultancy services, driven by its customers: shipowners, charterers, exporters and importers, which require expert advice in maritime and port sector. Relying on professionals working in Brazilian ports for 22 years has high uptake capacity of the best services in the ports of Brazil.

With thorough knowledge in Brazilian ports, the company has own offices in ports of São Francisco do Sul/Itapoá, Imbituba, Paranaguá/Antonina, Rio Grande/Porto Alegre, Santos e Itaqui/São Luís. Featuring excellent partnerships in all services in the port sector such as maritime agency, crane services with capacity up to 300 tons, shipping, tugs, port operations for loading and unloading of bulk and general cargo.

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