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Shipping Agency Services
Experienced and highly trained professionals to full assistance for shipowners, charterers, insurers and crew of ships, since the appointment of the ship until their departure, aiming to optimize the scales of vessels as well as increasing agility in releases of crew, cargo and vessels in the ports of São Francisco do Sul/Itapoá Paranaguá/Antonina, Rio Grande/Porto Alegre, Santos, Itaqui/São Luis e Imbituba with own offices and through subagents in other Brazilian ports.

Port Operation
Lower Cost Port, skilled services and equipment used within the safety standards for the handling of cargo on the ship, on the dock or in the warehouse. It is the guarantee of those who hire consulting of Port Operation from Amart Services in the ports of São Francisco do Sul/Itapoá Paranaguá/Antonina, Rio Grande/Porto Alegre, Santos, Itaqui/São Luis e Imbituba.

Customs Clearance
Pegasus Marine Port Services also provides consulting services for the procurement of services for customs clearance in the processes of:

1. We guide our customers when making any decision to perform an import, evaluating logistics costs and prerequisites of the operation.
2. When we receive the proforma, this is submitted to experts for analysis of the document vis a vis the customs legislation and administrative requirements to define the appropriate procedures.
3. When provision is made in the appropriate legislation, we submit the Import License (IL) to the authorized agencies informing to the customer when the deferral.
4. When we receive the departure documentation, we conduct a document analysis and we give a orientation to the importer to any document corrections that should be asked to the exporter. we also provide the Request for Cash to cover all Customs Clearance costs.
5. We followed the arrival of the ship / aircraft / truck / train to the border point and check the conditions of load by the bonded warehouse in order to detect any damage.
6. Then we provide the registration of the Import Declaration by the Siscomex, performing the relevant payments.
7. We conduct compliance with fiscal requirements in the various channels of parameterization and proceeded the customs clearance with the authorities and authorizing agencies (ANVISA, MAPA, Army, etc.).
8. After the release of the goods and the discretion of the client, we issue invoices and we contract carriers for sending the goods to the importer.

We offer the complete solution for foreign trade. Pegasus Marine Port Services is very careful with all export procedures. And for our company, it is very important that our customers are informed properly about each export clearance process subjected to our company in the following process steps:
· Reception of shipment instruction.
· Preparation of documents for shipment of dry cargo, reefer, containerized or bulk.
· Requirements and release by the appropriate bodies like the IRS, Ministry of Agriculture and IBAMA.
· Preparation of certificates after shipping.
· Preparation of documents such as currency commercial invoice, packing list and Bordero delivery.
· Monitoring of registration and proof of shipment of export.
· Remittances of documents to the bank, the exporter and importer.
· Processes - remittances (temporary exports), drawback, and all other advisory services and consulting customs export.

Pegasus Marine Port Services also makes available to its customers, the service management Import, with all procedures that precede to shipment of goods. The Importer performs the purchase and Pegasus Marine Port Services provides to its details (price, volume, Incoterm, payment terms, shipping forecast, port of origin and destination, etc.). From there, the company performs all Management Import, communicating with the exporter, hiring international freight, making follow up the load and the accompanying documentation and clearance process with the dispatchers to delivery of cargo at destination end indicated by the importer.

Crane Services
Pegasus Marine Port Services has experience in port operations and in hiring the best partners in the cranes from small, medium and large companies.

Maritime Transport
Pegasus Marine Port Services has the best costs in maritime transport for crew, spare parts, surveyors, underwater services and boarding landing crew to ships at anchor in the ports of Paranaguá, Antonina, São Francisco do Sul, Itajaí and Imbituba.

Pegasus Marine Port Services has Towage services in ports of Paranaguá, Antonina, São Francisco do Sul, Itajaí and Imbituba. By hiring our towage services for support and rescues, do a quote with Pegasus Marine Port Services.

Husbandry Services
We offer a personalized attendance for owners attendance and crewing, with services like Husbandry Agency, Marine Surveys and Crew Changes in all Brazilian ports.

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